Tours – Sport and Relax

In the town there are several ways in which you may amuse yourself: a cycle path, a nature trail with a picnic area, bowls, riding schools, fishing, a football field, basket and volleyball pitches and a cross country ski ring (Cortabbio).

Leaving the town of Primaluna you can start many different walks and excursions in the mountains to places like: Grigna, Pizzo Tre Signori, Monte Legnone, various mountain shelters and pastures. It is also possible to practise mountain climbing at the Casa delle Guide at Introbio.

In the winter season the ski resorts open at the Piani di Bobbio and Valtorta (Barzio) as well as Pian delle Betulle, Alpe Paglio, Alpe Giumello, (Margno-Casargo) and Cainallo.

In half an hour’s time you can easily reach Lake Como for excursions to Bellano, Varenna, Dervio, Colico Menaggio and Bellagio.

The area also abounds in various gastronomic opportunities thanks to the numerous farms and farm holiday centres which have arisen in recent years.

On request, give guidance to our guests for walking or hiking in the area.


Walk on the bike’s runway from Primaluna to Prato S. Pietro – 1 hours
Walk on the bike’s runway from Primaluna to Barzio – “La Fornace” – 1 hours and half
Walk from Primaluna center to “Cappello d’Alpino” in “Contra” – 30 minutes
Walk from bridge of Pasturo on the rural road “Spinera” to Barzio village – We move from the “Casa delle Guide”
Walk from Alpe Paglio – from Primaluna by car half hour to “Pian delle Betulle” 30 minutes – following to “Lares Brusaa” 1 hours again
Walk from Alpe Giumello – from Primaluna 30 minutes by car – to Alpe Chiaro – beautiful wiew on the lake – 20 minutes



Rifugio Riva – from Primaluna 1 hours and half on foot – following for glacier of Grigna – Fasana Wall – 1 hours – following again for St. Calimero Church – 1 hours and half – return to Alpe Nava of Baiedo for Pasturo village – about 1 hours

To “Monte dei Cicch” from Primaluna – 2 hours and half

From Introbio – 5 minutes by car from Primaluna – to Val Biandino (Rifugio Tavecchia, Rifugio Bocca di Biandino, Rifugio Madonna della Neve) – about 3 hours – following to Rifugio Santa Rita 1 hours again

From Pasturo – 10 minutes by car from Primaluna – to Rifugio Pialeral – 2 hours

From Barzio – 12 minutes by car from Primaluna – (Piazzale Funivia) to Piani di Bobbio – 2 hours

Walk from Alpe Giumello – 40 minutes by car from Primaluna – Ring on foot around “Monte Muggio” – 2 hours and half

Escursions to Alpeggi of Premana (Valvarrone) – from Primaluna 30 minutes by car: Alpeggi of Solino – Premaniga – Val Fraina – Forni’s Valley – Chiarino – differents escursions and differents time but all very interesting for beautiful lands.



Rifugio Bogani (ex Capanna Monza) starting from Cainallo/Esino Lario – 40 minutes by car from Primaluna – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Rifugio Brioschi (summit of Grignone) starting from Cainallo/Esino Lario – 40 minutes by car from Primaluna – way “Cresta di Piancaformia” – 3 hours

Rifugio Casera Vecchia di Varrone – starting from Premana – 30 minutes by car from Primaluna – 1 hours and 45 minutes

Rifugio Falck – starting from Premana – 30 minutes by car da Primaluna – 3 hours and 30 minutes

Pizzo Tre Signori – starting from Premana – 30 minutes by car from Primaluna – 4 hours on foot

Monte Legnone – Valvarrone – starting from “Roccoli Lorla” 50 minutes by car from Primaluna – 3 hours on foot



Visit to the “Sanctuaries of Primaluna”: (Maria Bambina of Cortabbio – Church of San Rocco of Primaluna – Madonna delle Grazie of Barcone – Church of Sant’Anna in Vimogno) – 45 minutes from Cortabbio to Vimogno included 5 minutes stops in the various churches

Walk of “Cappellette Monastero del Carmelo” – from Barzio to Concenedo starting from Barzio, over Place of Lion – 30 minutes (from Primaluna to Barzio 12 minutes by car)

Walk from Vendrogno (Muggiasca Valley) to Sanctuary of “Madonna dei Miracoli of Lezzeno” – from Primaluna to Vendrogno 30 minutes by car – 20 minutes to get off and 1 hour to rise for return


To go for mushrooms in the woods around the country

To go for blueberries (Alpe Paglio e Betulle – Alpeggio Barconcelli – Alpe Fraina)

Knowing the “past of Premana – village festival’s are typical of summer pastures

Knowing the “Festivals of Alpini” of Primaluna(Cappello d’Alpino – Croce di Crevesto – Festa di Cortabbio)

Knowing the “Village’s Feast” of St. Pietro and Paolo – Parade of historic people “Torriani” – fraction’s of the Palio – lunch together in the Oratorio